How we work

A strong business sector is vital for a healthy economy. There are at least 800,000 businesses and self-employed people in New Zealand, employing more than two million people and paying some $500 billion in salary and wages each year.

But business customers say they find government services complex and fragmented, and dealing with government takes more effort than it could. Common complaints are that they need to repeat the same information over and over again, that rules and processes are too complicated, and that there isn’t enough coordination between government agencies.

Better for Business is a group of ten agencies which joined together in 2012 to change the way government deals with business. They are the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE – the lead agency), the Accident Compensation Corporation, Callaghan Innovation, Inland Revenue, the Ministry for Primary Industries, the New Zealand Customs Service, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, the New Zealand Transport Agency, Stats NZ, and WorkSafe New Zealand.

We are working together to meet the Government’s priorities of growing a more competitive and productive economy and delivering better public services.

Our plan is to continue to reduce business effort, and involve business more closely in improved policy and service design. This will help New Zealand businesses to have a competitive edge in the local and global economy.

We have two targets to reach by 2020: reducing business costs from dealing with government by 25%, and government services to business achieving similar key performance ratings as leading private sector firms.

Reaching our two targets is an important part of making it easier for business to work with government, but they aren’t the whole story. Our vision for the future is that “Business gains value from easy and seamless dealings with government”. Everything we do is geared towards achieving this vision, and our aim is to reach it by 2023.