Result 9 - Better for Business

Result 9 - Better for Business is making it easier for business customers to deal with government

Government services are complex and fragmented. Businesses find it takes more effort to deal with government than it should.

The Better for Business partnership is changing this as part of the Government’s Better Public Services programme.

It's about business spending less time on administration and having more time to focus on their customers

Watch this video to find out more about Result 9 Better for Business:

Ten government agencies working together are making government services better for business by:

  • Putting the business customer at the centre
  • Involving business more actively in the regulatory process
  • Re-using and sharing information
  • Continuing to transform digital services
  • Building cross-government capability

Better Public Services

Result 9 sits with Result 10 under the umbrella area ‘Improving interaction with government’. By reducing effort and improving services government agencies can help businesses to have a competitive edge in the local and global economies.

The Government has set us two targets:

  • Target 1: Business costs from dealing with government will reduce by 25 per cent by 2020, through a year-on-year reduction in effort required to work with agencies.
  • Target 2: Government services to business will have similar key performance ratings as leading private sector firms by 2020.


You can read more about how we’re making life Better for Business in our Result Action Plan [PDF 703KB].

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