National Construction Pipeline

A number of forecasts of upcoming construction activity were developed as part of the procurement work undertaken by the Productivity Partnership. The construction pipeline reports provide the market a forward view of building and construction work. 

[image] National construction pipeline.

Visibility of a pipeline of forward building and construction work can provide the basis for improved planning by all participants in the sector, scheduling of investment in skills and capital; and coordination between construction clients that can lead to better scheduling of construction projects. It's about managing supply networks and coordinating resources so they get to the right place at the right time and working on the right things to deliver the right outcomes.


National construction pipeline

National construction pipeline report 2017 [PDF 1.6MB]

National construction pipeline report 2016 [PDF 1.5MB]

National construction pipeline report 2015 [PDF 1.5MB]

National construction pipeline report 2014 [PDF 1.1MB]

National construction pipeline report 2013 [PDF 1.2MB]

Future demand for construction workers

Future demand for construction workers report 2017 [PDF 2.2MB]

Future demand for construction workers report 2016 [PDF 1.7MB]

Auckland pipeline

Report no. 5 - August 2014 [PDF 1.6MB]

Report no. 4 - March 2014 [PDF 1.5MB]

Report no. 3 - June/July 2013 [PDF 2.1MB]

Report no. 2 - November 2012 [PDF 1.2MB]

Report no. 1 - March 2012 [PDF 830KB]

Auckland's procurement programme [PDF 543KB]

Canterbury procurement forum

Data from December 2013 - presented April 2014 [PDF 685KB]

The forward pipeline: Issue 5 - November 2013 [PDF 728KB]

The forward pipeline: Issue 4 - August 2013 [PDF 460KB]

The forward pipeline: Issue 3 - June 2013 [PDF 481KB]

The forward pipeline: Issue 2 - March 2013 [PDF 220KB]

The Canterbury procurement project investigating post-earthquake procurement models, approaches and practices [PDF 738KB]