Changes to the LBP scheme

We are changing the licensed building practitioners Skills Maintenance Scheme.

LBP Skills Maintenance Scheme

We have recently announced changes to the current requirements for the licensed building practitioners (LBP) Skills Maintenance Scheme. The new system moves away from an entirely points-based system to a new ‘mixed-model’ approach where LBPs need to complete both compulsory and elective activities.

The scheme aims to promote meaningful and relevant learning for licensed building professionals, using on- the-job learning that should save them time and resources. It focuses on key areas of learning that LBPs can apply to their line of work. It also encourages LBPs to focus on doing activities that are relevant to their licence class and area of practice. During the two year timeframe they will be able to select at least two examples of where they have learnt something new or had to complete a more complex job.

The on- the-job learning activity makes it easy for an LBP to record how they continue to learn in their area of practice. They will use copies of actual Records of Work (RoW) or Certificate of Work (CoW), or any documents recording what they have done and learnt on- the-job.

Have a look at Skills Maintenance Scheme on the LBP website.