Fire programme

In late 2014, MBIE began a review of fire regulation changes made in 2012. The review was initiated in response to stakeholder feedback, and to gauge issues being experienced by the sector since the 2012 changes.

The Building Code provisions for Protection from Fire and the supporting documents (Acceptable Solutions and Verification Method) were changed in 2012 to provide designers, fire engineers and building consent authorities with better design criteria and methods so that fire design could be applied more consistently. The changes were significant in content and structure and the sector experienced issues in adjusting to them.

Since 2012, MBIE has worked with stakeholders and international fire engineering experts and found that the 2012 changes were overly restrictive, complex and inconsistent.

A discussion document with four proposals has been developed. These proposals address a number of areas where it was found that the clauses and compliance documents for fire safety could be improved.

MBIE has released this discussion document for public consultation over an eight-week period from 15 May to 14 July 2017. We welcome all submissions and will consider these once the consultation finishes.

MBIE would like to acknowledge the contribution of stakeholders in providing feedback and participating as working group members in the development of the proposals, and thank them for making themselves available. Having a broad base of stakeholders involved is important to deliver quality outcomes.

Updates and information

14. Fire consultation

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2. Strategic review of fire safety and engineering – preliminary feedback [PDF 991KB]

1. Stakeholder engagement - Summary of findings: 2014 [PDF 665KB]


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