Health IT research partnership announced

On: 10 March 2016

A new research partnership announced today looks to promote precision-driven healthcare.

MBIE will be investing $14 million over seven years in the partnership, which will focus on ground-breaking data analysis and optimisation technologies for health assessment and management.

Initial partners include software developer Orion Health and the Waitemata District Health Board, in collaboration with the University of Auckland.

The research will look at using all available information about a patient’s health – clinical, genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors, for example – to enable health professionals to provide highly specialised advice and treatment.

This type of research can lead to more targeted drug treatment, earlier identification of the risks of a patient developing certain conditions, improved recovery rates and reduced re-admission rates through better prediction of risk factors. It will also deliver improved health outcomes for New Zealanders from more proactive, streamlined and personalised care and reduced health system costs.

New methods for data mining, integration and analysis will also be developed, which will be applicable across the health sector and in other fields such as manufacturing and IT.

The partnership will receive $14 million in funding through the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s research partnerships programme, along with around $23.8 million in industry and end-user funding.

Additional commercial, healthcare provider and research partners are expected to join the partnership in the coming months.

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