Government Centre for Dispute Resolution (GCDR)

Dispute resolution in New Zealand

Disputes are costly and disruptive. If disputes are unresolved, or resolved badly, they can have significant financial and social impacts on individuals, families, communities and businesses.

Government has an essential role in the resolution of disputes. It provides avenues for people to raise their issues, sets the rules and collects information about dispute resolution approaches and outcomes. Government also provides some complaints and dispute resolution services, but many of these services are delivered privately within industries, sectors and communities.

Government Centre for Dispute Resolution

The GCDR was established to lead and be the steward for the Government's dispute resolution system.[image] Government Centre for Dispute Resolution logo.

The GCDR provides a dispute resolution advisory service to government by:

  • developing best practice guidance, tools and other resources
  • assisting agencies directly to review and design their dispute resolution schemes
  • suggesting improvements to the overall government dispute resolution system


Over time, the GCDR will help to increase understanding of disputes and dispute resolution in New Zealand. This understanding will be based on research, evidence and data as well as the GCDR’s own experience from working with agencies in specific areas of dispute.

The GCDR’s work contributes to government’s high level social and economic outcomes. It plays an important role in achieving MBIE’s goal of ‘Growing New Zealand for all’.

Looking for a Mediator?

The GCDR does not provide mediation services itself.

If you are looking for a mediator, MBIE provides access to a range of mediation services.


Or contact us for further information and advice.

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GCDR provides support and advice to government agencies in developing and reviewing dispute resolution schemes. Please contact us if you are considering these issues.