Roles and responsibilities

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is the government’s lead business-facing agency.  Our purpose is to grow the New Zealand economy to provide a better standard of living for all New Zealanders.

We deliver policy, advice, regulation and services that have a real impact on New Zealand businesses and the environment they operate in.

Our role is to:

We are responsible for:

Government Centre for Dispute Resolution (GCDR)

Disputes are costly and disruptive. If disputes are unresolved, or resolved badly, they can have significant financial and social impacts on individuals, families, communities and businesses.

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Regulatory systems programme

MBIE has extensive regulatory stewardship responsibilities, covering about 140 statutes. Based on these regulatory responsibilities, MBIE has identified 16 regulatory systems for which it has a stewardship role. A regulatory system comprises the rules (e.g. statutes and regulations), institutions, and practices which combine to achieve a given set of behaviours or outcomes.

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