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Recent data releases

International visitor arrivals key data tables
Topline facts and figures from Statistics New Zealand’s International Travel and Migration are presented, specifically arrivals by country of residence for the most recent month and year end, including the percentage change.
20 October 2017
International visitor arrivals commentary
Read commentary, prepared by our research team, on International Visitor Arrivals data. This commentary describes the key trends and identifies areas of interest.
20 October 2017
Rental bond data
Data from MBIE's tenancy bond database, which records all new rental bonds that are lodged with us each month.
12 October 2017
Commercial Accommodation Monitor
Monitor trends in commercial accommodation in New Zealand with the Commercial Accommodation Monitor and New Zealand Hotel Council Data.
11 October 2017
Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates
The Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates (MRTEs) provide an estimate of regional monthly expenditure on tourism from both international and domestic consumers.
28 September 2017
Electricity cost and price monitoring
The Ministry uses sales-based data to monitor average residential, commercial and industrial electricity costs (essentially total electricity sales divided by the quantity of electricity supplied). The latest data can be found in the Prices data table.
7 September 2017
Chief Executive expenses disclosure
Expenses, gifts and hospitality expended by the Chief Executive.
20 July 2017