Our work

MBIE has a diverse portfolio of work.

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Our legislation

MBIE administers Acts and associated regulations on behalf of the New Zealand Government.

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Roles and responsibilities

We deliver policy, advice, regulation and services.

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Our priorities

Our purpose is to Grow New Zealand for all. We have identified 15 programmes which, once delivered, will do the most to lift New Zealand’s economic performance and provide a better standard of living for all New Zealanders.

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MBIE administers a range of scholarships and awards to support the development of future leaders and improve the international competitiveness of New Zealand businesses.

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Open data and information

Access the latest open datasets released by MBIE. Find out more about New Zealand’s Open Government Information and Data Programme to accelerate the release of public information and data for re-use and search the full catalogue of New Zealand Government open data at www.data.govt.nz.

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MBIE datasets

A list of datasets created by MBIE and made available to the public.

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