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Our purpose and role

MBIE’s purpose is to Grow New Zealand for All.

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‘Grow’ relates to the economy. To achieve the standard of living and quality of life we aspire to we need a better-performing economy that delivers sustainable growth.

‘For all’ captures growth for New Zealanders now and in the future – growth that doesn’t compromise our environment or the safety of our workplaces.

We will do this by helping businesses to become more productive and internationally competitive, and by increasing opportunities for all New Zealanders to contribute to the economy.

This means providing more jobs and increasing the opportunities for New Zealanders to participate in more productive and higher paid work. Growth for all also means providing better quality housing that is safe and affordable for New Zealanders.

These aspirations are echoed in our Māori identity – Hīkina Whakatutuki – which broadly means ‘lifting to make successful’.



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The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has set itself some ambitious targets; to increase New Zealanders’ household income, support the development of more competitive businesses, increase job opportunities for all, and ensure affordable quality housing.

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Last updated 13 February 2015